Project Description Last Change Actions
MyCo Contributions manage tools 16-09-12 22:20 tree tar/gz zip
MyCoServer MyCo Server 14-09-14 21:00 tree tar/gz zip
MySC Webapp to manage suitcase planning 17-10-24 23:31 tree tar/gz zip
backuppc-run-backup Scripts to run easily run backup with BackupPC on its clients 12-03-22 16:56 tree tar/gz zip
bckp-disk Backup script execute when a specific usb disk is plugged 11-09-06 14:10 tree tar/gz zip
cas-common-config Common Configuration for Jasig CAS Server deploiment 14-12-29 18:34 tree tar/gz zip
check_apt_cacher_ng Nagios plugin to check Apt-cacher-NG status 15-06-30 15:39 tree tar/gz zip
check_asterisk Nagios plugin to check Asterisk 12-10-09 11:24 tree tar/gz zip
check_backuppc Nagios check plugin for BackupPC 18-02-17 23:05 tree tar/gz zip
check_bl Nagios plugin to check SMTP Blacklists (with theading check ability) 15-12-02 16:00 tree tar/gz zip
check_ceph_status Nagios plugin to check Ceph Cluster Status 13-12-03 22:44 tree tar/gz zip
check_ceph_usage Nagios plugin to check Ceph Cluster Usage 13-12-03 10:00 tree tar/gz zip
check_domain Nagios plugin to check domain registry state 17-07-28 21:51 tree tar/gz zip
check_git_config Nagios plugin to check Git Repository status 18-03-20 13:27 tree tar/gz zip
check_heartbeat Nagios plugin to check Heartbeat status using cl_status 11-10-26 16:19 tree tar/gz zip
check_klms Nagios plugin to check Kaspersky KLMS status 16-05-18 11:53 tree tar/gz zip
check_lock_file Nagios plugin to check lock file state 14-12-08 13:03 tree tar/gz zip
check_mem Nagios plugin to check memory 21-09-16 15:34 tree tar/gz zip
check_mysql_with_perfdata Nagios plugin using official check_mysql plugin and simply add performance data 11-01-17 22:19 tree tar/gz zip
check_nfs_services Nagios plugin to check NFS services state 14-12-08 14:14 tree tar/gz zip
check_pg_restore Nagios plugin to check PostgreSql restoration of wal_archives files 11-10-14 08:22 tree tar/gz zip
check_pg_streaming_replication Nagios plugin to check PostgreSql Streaming Replication 18-01-30 16:45 tree tar/gz zip
check_rc_upgrade Check upgrade script for Roundcube Webmail 17-04-28 15:11 tree tar/gz zip
check_smart Nagios plugin to check SMART status of device 11-05-13 13:19 tree tar/gz zip
check_syncrepl_extended Script to check LDAP syncrepl replication 17-09-11 10:30 tree tar/gz zip
cinememe Send cine schedule by SMS 15-01-07 10:06 tree tar/gz zip
cisco-acl-to-iptables Script convert Cisco ACLs to iptables commands 14-01-13 17:09 tree tar/gz zip
compress-pdf Compress PDF 17-04-17 21:40 tree tar/gz zip
fail2ban-jsonfile Fail2ban action script storing banned IP in JSON file 14-12-31 15:14 tree tar/gz zip
gnokii-admin-scripts Administration script for using Gnokii as mail2sms gateway 14-02-12 17:37 tree tar/gz zip
heartbeat_RouteVia Wrapper of OCF RA Route, based on original heartbeat RA. 11-10-27 11:39 tree tar/gz zip
libdlna-debian-package Files to make a debian package for libdlna, a DLNA open-source implementation 12-01-27 18:55 tree tar/gz zip
mailt Tool write in python to easily test SMTP/IMAP mail server 15-11-30 17:47 tree tar/gz zip
manage-asterisk-blacklist Web Interface to manage Asterisk blacklist (using internal Asterisk DB) 16-07-21 18:04 tree tar/gz zip
mantisbt-smtp-gateway Mantis SMTP Gateway 12-04-20 16:20 tree tar/gz zip
mass_validate_email Python module to mass validating email address 13-05-29 22:45 tree tar/gz zip
munin-ceph-status Ceph Status Munin Plugin 13-12-03 09:30 tree tar/gz zip
onNetDeviceAddOrRemove Udev rule example for executing script on added or removed network interface 11-09-06 14:06 tree tar/gz zip
pg_optimizations PostgreSQL optimizations calculation tool 15-11-20 10:29 tree tar/gz zip
postfix_scripts Suite of scripts to manage Postfix mailq and logs 16-01-20 17:55 tree tar/gz zip
ps3mediaserver PS3 Media Server Debian package 14-05-07 21:14 tree tar/gz zip
pykota-debian-package Files to make a debian package for Pykota, a print Quota/Accounting system for CUPS 12-03-26 17:17 tree tar/gz zip
python-mylib My personnal python libraries to facilitate common stuff 18-11-15 14:49 tree tar/gz zip
python-pkipplib-debian-package Files to make a debian package for pkipplin, a python library to prepare IPP requests 12-03-26 17:13 tree tar/gz zip
test-cas-client Test application acting as CAS Client 20-12-03 15:11 tree tar/gz zip
thunderbird2sogo Thunderbird to SOGo scripts 14-08-25 23:08 tree tar/gz zip
ushare-debian-package Files to make a debian package for Ushare UPnP A/V & DLNA Media Server 12-01-27 18:47 tree tar/gz zip
viewgit-addrepo-plugin ViewGit AddRepo plugin 14-11-27 14:58 tree tar/gz zip
viewgit-directdownload-plugin ViewGit DirectDownload plugin 13-08-22 09:57 tree tar/gz zip
viewgit-projectinfos-plugin ViewGit projectinfos plugin 13-08-21 17:39 tree tar/gz zip
viewgit-showreadme-plugin ViewGit ShowReadme plugin 13-08-21 17:20 tree tar/gz zip
wifidog-gateway-debian-package Files to make a debian package for the wifidog gateway daemon. 14-02-07 16:17 tree tar/gz zip
www-zionetrix-net Web site for zionetrix.net domain 14-09-03 16:52 tree tar/gz zip
xvfb-daemon Debian package with init script for XVFB (provide by justkez.com) 12-11-19 13:25 tree tar/gz zip