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ViewGit AddRepo plugin
Last Change
14-11-27 14:58
  • http://git.zionetrix.net/git/viewgit-addrepo-plugin
  • git@git.zionetrix.net:public_git/viewgit-addrepo-plugin
AddRepo plugin for ViewGit

This plugin add an interface to create new repositry directly from
ViewGit : A form permit to give

* repository name
* repository description
* a password witch protect this feature (except when nopassword option is set
  to True)

The repository name will be validated : it must contain only letter, number,
"_" or "-" caracter.

The repository description is required. This description will be put in the
description file of the repository.

The given password will be compare with $conf['addrepo']['password'] value.
If password is ommit in the configuration, the creation will be refused.

If you want to completely disable password check, you have to set
$conf['addrepo']['nopassword'] to True.

After create a new repository, if you go on the repository page, you will have
a message that explain you how to push your first commits. This message could
be change by editing template file summary.php. This message is displayed only
if the head hash is empty.


* User witch running apache must have right access to the directory
  witch contains your repositories
* You must have dynamic viewgit projects detection


* Put addrepo directory in plugins directory
* Add this block in inc/localconfig.php :

$conf['addrepo'] = array(
        'root_path' => '/full/path/to/your/repos',
        'password' => 'secret',
        'nopassword' => True|False,
        'url_format' => 'git@git.example.com:public_git/%s'