Tool write in python to easily test SMTP/IMAP mail server
Files to make a debian package for Pykota, a print Quota/Accounting system for CUPS
Nagios plugin to check Kaspersky KLMS status
Common Configuration for Jasig CAS Server deploiment
ViewGit ShowReadme plugin
Nagios plugin to check Ceph Cluster Status
Thunderbird to SOGo scripts
Mantis SMTP Gateway
Debian package with init script for XVFB (provide by
Nagios plugin using official check_mysql plugin and simply add performance data
Scripts to run easily run backup with BackupPC on its clients
Web site for domain
Web Interface to manage Asterisk blacklist (using internal Asterisk DB)
Nagios plugin to check NFS services state
Send cine schedule by SMS
Files to make a debian package for Ushare UPnP A/V & DLNA Media Server
Script convert Cisco ACLs to iptables commands
Nagios plugin to check Ceph Cluster Usage
Nagios check plugin for BackupPC
Compress PDF
ViewGit projectinfos plugin
ViewGit DirectDownload plugin
Fail2ban action script storing banned IP in JSON file
Nagios plugin to check Apt-cacher-NG status
Script to check LDAP syncrepl replication
PostgreSQL optimizations calculation tool
Python module to mass validating email address
Administration script for using Gnokii as mail2sms gateway
Nagios plugin to check PostgreSql restoration of wal_archives files
MyCo Server
Nagios plugin to check SMTP Blacklists (with theading check ability)
Nagios plugin to check lock file state
Ceph Status Munin Plugin
Suite of scripts to manage Postfix mailq and logs
Contributions manage tools
Nagios plugin to check SMART status of device
Check upgrade script for Roundcube Webmail
My personnal python libraries to facilitate common stuff
Wrapper of OCF RA Route, based on original heartbeat RA.
PS3 Media Server Debian package
Nagios plugin to check Git Repository status
Webapp to manage suitcase planning
Udev rule example for executing script on added or removed network interface
Nagios plugin to check domain registry state
Files to make a debian package for libdlna, a DLNA open-source implementation
Files to make a debian package for the wifidog gateway daemon.
ViewGit AddRepo plugin
Nagios plugin to check PostgreSql Streaming Replication
Test application acting as CAS Client
Nagios plugin to check memory
Nagios plugin to check Asterisk
Files to make a debian package for pkipplin, a python library to prepare IPP requests
Nagios plugin to check Heartbeat status using cl_status
Backup script execute when a specific usb disk is plugged